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bienes culturales muebles

Movable objects that are the expression or testimony of human creation or the evolution of nature and that have an archaelogical, historical, artistic, scientific or technical value, in particular those that belong to the following categories: I) the product of excavations on land or under water; ii) ancient objects such as instruments, pottery, inscriptions, coins stamps, jewels, arms and funerary remains, especially mummies; iii) elements from the dismanteling of historic monuments; iv) materials of anthropological and ethnological interest; v) objects that refer to history, the history of science and technology; social and military history as well as the life of the people and their leading national thinkers, scientists and artists and the events of national importance; vi) objects of artistic interest such as paintings and drawings made entirely by hand on whatever base and in all types of material (excluding industrial drawings and manufactured articles decorated by hand) original prints; posters and photographs; works of art and artesanal production made with materials like glass, pottery, metal, wood;.vii) manuscripts and codices, books, documents or publications of special interest; viii) objects of numismatic interest (coins and medals) or philatelic interest such as stamps; ix) documents including recordings of texts, maps and other materials, photographs and films, sound recordings and machine readable documents; x) furniture, tapestries, carpets, clothing and musical instruments; xi) botanical or geological specimens.

Bienes movibles que son la expresión o el testimonio de la creación humana o de la evolución de la naturaleza y que tienen un valor arqueológico, histórico, artístico, científico o técnico, en particular los que corresponden a las categorías siguientes:


  • movable property/goods